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Things I Love Thursday

17 April 2014

This week’s TiLT brought to you by the letter C.

Hey look, it’s my header image.

Change ♥ I don’t really know how to word this one, but spring just makes me want to change. As stressful as it is, I’ve always kind of liked change (at least when I have control over it). I love fresh starts and new beginnings – New Year’s, Mondays, the first day of a month. Back on my running game, learning how to cook, putting pink in my hair, buying a condo… IT’S HAPPENING. Maybe. Most of it.

Clean hairs ♥ As I mentioned in my Tuesday Confessions (a.k.a. the laziest post ever), I stopped no poo/no chemicals. I made it a full month and a half and it just wasn’t how I wanted my hair to feel or look. I was wearing my hair up 90% of the time and I didn’t like that. I bought a clarifying shampoo that I feel comfortable with and have been using it ~1x a week (not a part of my normal routine, just trying to use it up). Otherwise, I’m back to CO-washing with Tresemme Naturals and styling with MoroccanOil’s curl defining cream. My hair feels amazing and smells amazing and looks amazing. Amazing!

Cooking ♥ I’ve said it before – I’m a baker, not a cook. I’ve been trying to up my cooking game, because it’s part of being a self-sufficient adult (which, at almost 30, I SHOULD be) and it makes me feel awesome. Only one of my meals last week bombed (Knock Your Socks Off Chicken) and the other two were wild successes (spinach strawberry salad and risotto with chicken sausage and shaved Brussels sprouts). Can’t win ‘em all. Planning on trying this pesto stuffed chicken and Lauren’s favorite salad soon.

Little loves ♥ Kim Cesarion ♥ running! it’s still uncomfortable but I love it ♥ bras that fit – just ordered one in my new size and I can’t wait ♥ avocado on everything ♥ nothing groundbreaking, but solid advice on living well ♥ Cassie’s command center printable ♥ bra blogs (yup, those are a thing) ♥ bel essence anti-aging cream ♥ compression sleeves oh yeahh ♥ planning new furniture purchases ♥ all the pregnant bloggers right now! ♥ cottage cheese (don’t hate) ♥ getting our apartment professionally cleaned (omg) ♥ asparagus season! ♥ grocery shopping list making ♥ Feaster ♥

photo via mahself

Tuesday Confessions

15 April 2014
  • I cannot be trusted around cheese or cookies.
  • I started running outside again and got wicked shin splints.
  • Shin splints are awful, so I bought compression sleeves and new running sneakers.
  • But I don’t believe in motion control shoes, even when you’re an over pronator like mahself, so I bought Nike Frees. Someday I’ll be that jerk shamelessly wearing Vibram FiveFingers at Whole Foods.
  • In related I’m-a-weirdo news, I stopped no poo. More to come.
  • My first event of the season self-destructed. I knew it would, but it was hard to watch.
  • I’m gonna quit FB. I think.
  • I have a new layout!
  • I finally properly measured my boobs and they’re way bigger than I thought. (shoutout to r/abrathatfits)
  • I am VERY excited for this to change my life.
  • It’s SPRING! And I’m allergic to everything. But I’m also exclusively posting flower pictures on Instagram.
  • I LOVE my heart rate monitor. I hope it’s accurate because it’s telling me I’m burning way more cals than my fitbit.
  • I’m typing this on Monday evening and I have every intention of running before work on Tuesday. (EDIT – did not happen. It’s still too dark at 6AM :???: )
  • I am 100% failing at my 50 Books in 100 Weeks AND my spring goals.
  • Strongly considering putting a hot pink streak in my hair because why not.
  • We put in an offer on our apartment today…

Music Monday – “La La La”

31 March 2014

Probably don’t watch this video, just press play and go to a different tab. Then come back here and we’ll talk.

Okay. First, please prepare to have that song stuck in your head for the next 5+ days. If you want, watch the video now. It freaked me RIGHT OUT the first time I watched it, so I asked the Internet wtf was up. For the most part, I assume weird videos are just ~artists beings artists~, but this one is based on a Bolivian folk tale, which is actually kind of cool so I’ll allow it. Still creepy as F.


26 March 2014

And so begins the time of year when I’m too busy to think about blogging. I have my first event on Friday and it’s like a baby event but it’s still stressful. Obviously. Because it’s still one of my events and no matter how small it is, my continued employment is still based on how well it does. There’s just a lot going on right now, at work, at home, at the gymmm… What I’m saying, faithful readership of 2, is don’t expect a whole lot from me for the next few months. I’m gonna do what I can, because I LIKE blogging, but it’s just for fun and I don’t feel any pressure to blog when I’m crazy busy in other parts of my life.

Here are some other things that happened/are happening: I bought a heart rate monitor (I’ve had one on every birthday/Christmas/anniversary wishlist for the last 3 years so I guess no one cares about my heart); I’ve been listening to the Bad Blood album for six months and I still love it just as much; the ESPN app WILL NOT stop notifying me about Red Sox lineup changes and it’s driving me crazy; apparently the key to making myself run is telling myself that I’m in training (but I refuse to register for a race so I’m actually not); I’m doing really horribly in my DietBet because it’s 6 months long so I don’t feel any pressure; I have a good Music Monday for next week but DO NOT watch the video.

In other news, submit your LouFest lineup dreams and hopes here. I will do my best to start as many rumors as possible. Like, I heard Whitney Houston is going to be at LouFest 2014. I DON’T KNOW IT’S JUST WHAT I HEARD.

Spring 2014 Goals

20 March 2014


Y’all know I love any excuse for some goals, so why not now. I’ve given up completely on the Quantified Diet Project, I finished my month of no poo, I’m almost halfway through my #100happydays, and my 6 month DietBet started earlier this week. Here’s what I’m working on between now and the summer solstice:

Eat a minimum of 4 servings of fruits or vegetables every day.
Most days I have a green smoothie (banana, frozen berries, greens) with/for breakfast, so getting ONE MORE MEASLY serving shouldn’t be too much trouble. Shouldn’t be.

Complete the Couch to 5K.
omg y’all. I’ve started the C25K NO LESS than a dozen times and only finished it once. In 2006. When I was 21. I have a little bit of a lull at work between now and the end of May and the weather seems to have turned so let’s do itttttt.

Drink 80 oz of water every day.
I’m pretty much already doing this most days of the week, but it’s definitely not a habit YET. And also I anticipate the C25K giving me hell so this goal is to make myself feel good about being able to accomplish shit.

Read 6 books.
I am dragging my feet on finishing ASOIAF so I’m behind on my 50 Books in 100 Weeks. Six books in 13 weeks is doable.

Please accept this post as a substitute for this weeks Things I Love Thursday. This week, I love seasons and goals.

No Poo: Week 4

18 March 2014

See Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 for more!

This was a big week. We’ve finally turned the corner! I didn’t expect my hair to take this long to normalize, especially since it’s naturally dry, but PRAISES BE, it has normalized and that’s all that matters.

  1. Sunday | Lazy days. I planned on Sundays being my big wash/condition days, since those showers tend to be longer, but I have the next few Mondays off so I haven’t felt any pressure to shower on Sundays.
  2. Monday | I had the most giant sinus headache and hoped the shower would help. It didn’t. Pretty much the same as past weeks – brushed out my hair, mixed up 2 tbsp of bentonite clay and ~5 tbsp of water in a bowl, wet my hair, turned the shower off and scrubbed the bentonite clay into my scalp. Rinsed with cool water after ~10 minutes, followed by an aloe vera juice rinse. I still have about half a jar of honey to use up, but the aloe vera juice is just so much easier..!
  3. Tuesday | Aloe vera juice rinse. I was actually able to tell that the aloe vera juice makes my hair soft! I’d started to feel like my hair was slightly softer after my aloe vera juice rinse last week, but I kind of thought it was just my imagination. I put my hair up in the afternoon and found a million grays. Guess I don’t have to pay for highlights anymore..
  4. Wednesday | This was a really lazy week. No shower.
  5. Thursday | Took a shower, kept the hairs up in the shower cap.
  6. Friday | No shower!
  7. Saturday | Decided to wash/condition on Saturday instead of Sunday or Monday, since I had to work on Saturday afternoon. Things stayed mostly the same – 2 tbsp of bentonite clay and ~5 tbsp of water, followed by an aloe vera juice rinse. I’m thinking about trying the baking soda next week because my scalp is starting to feel weird. But I should probably also be brushing a lot more. See below.

I’m gonna keep this up for now, but I am definitely investing in a boar bristle brush! Brushing is the key to no poo. It took me a week or two to realize this, and it was a tough adjustment because I have, for years, believe that brushing is BAD for my curls. And to be honest, it ISN’T great for my curls! The natural curl pattern is all messed up by brushing, but it’s the only way to redistribute the oils and keep everything copacetic.

As you can see below, I’m still having a weird combination of frizzed out curls and nicely formed ones; I’m hoping that the switch to the boar bristle brush (I used to make fun of people who called them BBB but it’s annoying to type out so now I’m One of Those People) will help.

Tuesday hair. Boobs say hi.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep doing these weekly updates now that I’ve made it out of my first month alive, but obviously I will share any Earth-shattering discoveries that I make and/or any pro tips. Overall, I completely recommend no poo, even if you only try it as an experiment and don’t intend to make the switch permanently. My hair has more volume than it ever has and it’s crazy to me that I can “wash” my hair and not put any product in it and it looks acceptable (we’ll get to “great” eventually!). It’s pretty cool to see and feel your hair transform.

Music Monday – “Been There Before”

17 March 2014

Oh my GOD this is some hipster shit. These are all my dance moves for LouFest.


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